Session and Ministry Teams

Session Officers

The Session of Bon Air Presbyterian Church
Rev. Alex Creager, Moderator
Kathy Sestak, Clerk
Nora Narum, Treasurer
Darleen Cavin, Marta Rowe, Assistant Treasurers

Session Members

Class of 2023:  Alise Anzelone, Linda Bollinger, Mike Jackson, Greta Reeves, John Rupp, Alan Sestak

Class of 2024: Lorna Anzelone, Dave Carper, Deborah Houghton, Gloria Myers, Darin Smouse, Joslyn Shipman

Class of 2025: Pam Cato, Ed Callear, Henry Jacocks, Doug Paz, Laura Peters, Sandy Thornburg

Ministry Team Leadership

Christian Education (Adult) – Joslyn Shipman*

Christian Education (Children/Youth) – Darin Smouse*, Deborah Houghton
Church and Society – John Rupp*
Communications –  Linda Bollinger*, Laura Peters
Congregational Care –  Gloria Myers*, Ed Callear
Hospitality and Welcome –  Greta Reeves*, Doug Paz

     Fellowship Sub-committee –  Sandy Thornburg*
Property – Alan Sestak*, Dave Carper, Henry Jacocks
Staff Relations –  Lorna Anzelone*, Linda Bollinger, Pam Cato
Stewardship –   Mike Jackson*, Darin Smouse
Worship – Alise Anzelone*, Alan Sestak

Nominating – Gloria Myers

Note: *Ministry Team Moderators