Adult Christian Education

Myths America Lives By, led by Harold Houghton

In January and February, we will be studying Richard Hughes’ Myths America Lives By.  While it will not be necessary to have a copy of the book, Harold encourages you to consider doing so. He notes that it is a worthwhile book to read and is always hoping that one will correct his mis-readings and bring up important points that he fails to include. Hughes examines the origins and consequences of these myths. How many do you recognize as your myths?

  • Chosen Nation (God chose America for a special mission in the world)
  • Nature’s Nation (America’s ideals and institutions are rooted in the natural order)
  • Christian Nation (America is rooted in and guided by Christian values)
  • Millennial Nation (America’s modeling of truth, justice, and democracy will usher in a final golden age for all)
  • Innocent Nation (America is a fresh start from the corruption of the Old World, her intentions are noble)

I have found it a very meaningful, insightful, and eye-opening examination of what it means to be a Christian American.

~Harold Houghton

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