2022 Advent Study

Prepare the Way for the Lord:
The Message of John the Baptist
Sunday Mornings at 9:30 a.m. in the Beck Room or via Zoom


Sunday November 27th:
“The Annunciation: God Has Heard Your Prayers”
Luke 1:5-13
Sunday December 4th:
“Pregnancy, Birth, Circumcision, and Zechariah’s Prophecy”
Luke 1:57-79
Sunday December 11th:
“John’s Ministry and Preaching”
Luke 3:1-14 and Matthew 3:1-10
Sunday December 18th:
“Witnesses, Testifying to the Light”
John 1:1-9, John 3:27-30, Matthew 3:13-15, and Mark 6:17-29
Book for Study: 
Prepare the Way for the Lord: Advent and the Message of John the Baptist 
by Adam Hamilton

Cokesbury: https://www.cokesbury.com/Prepare-the-Way-for-the-Lord

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Prepare-Way-Lord-Message-Baptist/dp/1791023487