Prayer for Ukraine

Holy One of Peace, Love, and Truth,

We come to you this day,

Deeply saddened and outraged at what we are witnessing:

A democratically elected nation being invaded and attacked by their neighbors.

We pray this day for the people of Ukraine.

We ask that you keep its citizens safe and protected.

May you offer them strength, encouragement, and hope

in this time of war and violence.

May your presence and love be with

all the women, men, and children of this nation,

as they face this fearful day.

We pray for their leaders, and the world leaders around the globe.

For their own safety, but also for wisdom and guidance in how to respond,

to both work for freedom and dignity of human life.

We also pray for the people of Russia.

For the brave souls who are speaking out against war,

give comfort and safety.

For the people who are simply trying to live their lives as peacefully as possible,

guide them with compassion and care.

And even for their leaders,

transform their hearts and minds to see their neighbors as you see them,

valuing life and liberty, over power and control.

This day, O Lord, help us to know we are not alone,

But that you are with us, at work in our world.

Give us the courage and strength to face this day,

with truth, with love,

And with commitment to your true Kingdom of Peace

for all people. Amen.