Fall 2021 Adult Christian Education

The Powers That Be by Walter Wink

Beginning September 12, we will explore Wink’s book a chapter at a time.   Wink’s focus is on the systems and principalities that shape our living. What is Jesus’ response when these cease to be a part of God’s good creation and become idolatrously self-serving and dominating of humans?  Each week there will be a page of provocative quotes from the book posted on this site for us to consider, agree, disagree, and ultimately understand more completely through our Sunday school discussions.

Prior to each Sunday, click on the underlined, blue text to link to the document containing the quotes for the week.

Sept. 12Rally Day Breakfast with an Introduction (Intro: All creation is God’s. – Bringing it back into right relationship, but not using violence)
Sept. 19What are the Powers – Our understanding of God’s relationship to the Powers
Redeeming the Powers
Sept. 26Systems of Domination – The Myth of Redemptive Violence (that violence can make
things right)
Oct. 3Jesus’ Answer to Domination … what does the reign of God look like?
Oct. 10Jesus’ death on the cross: freeing humanity from sin and death, or ransom payment to evil for humanity’s sin,
or Jesus’ taking on the punishment that was due to humanity.
Was it the final sacrifice for atonement with God or the rejection of sacrificing?
Oct. 17Jesus’ teaching of how we are to respond to violence and injusticeIf possible, please prepare to discuss chapters 5 & 6. The quotes for chapter 6 are linked to the October 24 entry.
Oct. 24Practical application of Jesus’ teaching about nonviolence
Oct. 31Jesus’ teachings in the affairs of nations
Nov. 7What happens when your loved one or nation is attacked
Nov. 14“…loving enemies is a way of living in expectation of miracles.”
Nov. 21The importance of prayer in transformation

Bring your coffee and join us – either in-person in the Beck Room or on Zoom. Check your weekly email for the Zoom link or CLICK HERE to sign up for weekly emails!

Preparing for this class has been a rich spiritual journey for me, and I expect your participation will also be deep and rich. Many of the lessons from the Bible were probably things I’d been told before…but this time I connected and felt understanding and that was very exciting and gratifying.

Harold Houghton, Principal Facilitator