Spring Adult Christian Education

Women in the Bible

Beginning April 11, Bruce Miller will lead his first Sunday School series on “Women in the Bible,” exploring the lives and impacts of the following seven women who may not be as familiar to us as they should be:

April 11Dorcas and her sisters (Lydia and Phoebe)
April 18Abigail (David’s second wife)
April 25Shiphrah and Puah (midwives who averted a mass execution of children)
May 2Anna (among the first to recognize Jesus)
May 9Athaliah and Jehosheba (the only Queen of Judah and her courageous stepdaughter)
May 16Zipporah (the wife whom Moses met at the well)
May 23Huldah and Deborah (prophetess and judge)

Bring your coffee and join us as we consider what these great women have to say to us today! Be sure to check out the Weekly Bulletin for more information and scripture references for each lesson.

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