Churchwide Lenten Christian Education

Join us for Lenten Sunday School for all ages!

Stations of the Cross: February 18 - March 24 at 9:35 AM

There is an old legend that says, after the death and resurrection of Jesus, his mother Mary would often walk the way her son had walked on his journey to the cross, pausing here and there to recall something that had happened at that spot. From these walks grew the early Christian practice of walking the Via Dolorosa, the Way of the Cross, in Jerusalem, a tradition that continues to this day. When they returned home, those early pilgrims to Jerusalem talked about their experiences, and soon many people began erecting “stations” of the cross on the walls and grounds of their own churches so worshippers could make the journey whenever they wished. During this Lenten Season, BAPC is offering one Sunday School class for all ages that will journey together through the Stations of the Cross.

Using Illustrated Children’s Ministry coloring posters and sheets, along with the accompanying scriptures and devotional materials, we will experience how all four gospel accounts tell the story of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection.

From February 18 – March 24, all ages will gather in the Beck Room at 9:35 AM for a time of fellowship and centering. Pastor Rebekah will then lead a short introduction to the Stations of the Cross for that day. Discussion groups based on age will then break out into separate rooms. Adults will stay in the Beck Room, Preschoolers will go with Ms. Becky to the Preschool Room, Elementary students will go with Ms. Deborah to the Elementary Room, Youth will go to the Youth Room, and The Parent’s Group will go to the library. After the time of discussion, all will join back in the Beck Room for closing thoughts and a time of prayer.

We hope you consider joining as one Church family to walk this journey through Lent, to the cross, and arrive on the triumphant day of Easter!

Tentative Schedule:

February 18th:     Jesus Prays in the Garden and Is Betrayed by Judas

February 25th:     Jesus is Condemned by the Sanhedrin and Denied by Peter

March 3rd:     Jesus is Judged by Pilate and Crowned with Thorns

March 10th:     Jesus bears the Cross, and Is Helped by Simon

March 17th:     Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem and Is Crucified

March 24th (Palm Sunday):     Jesus Promises His Kingdom to the Thief,  Speaks to His Mother, Dies, and Is Placed in the Tomb

March 31st  (Easter):     The Resurrection of Jesus

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