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10687 Glory to God
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Westminister John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-50304-8
WMU - Worship Music / WMUP / Book
10338 Sing the Faith
Presbyterian Church (U. S. A.)
Geneva Press
ISBN 0-664-50240-7
WMU - Worship Music / WMUP / Book
2003 Supplement to The Presbyterian Hymnal
10337 Hymnal Supplement
ISBN 0-916642-2204
WMU - Worship Music / WMUA / Book
10336 The Hymnbook
The Presbyterian Church in the United States
John Ribble
WMU - Worship Music / WMUP / Book
1955 Edition
10335 The Worship Book; Services and Hymns
Presbyterian Church in the United States
Westminister Press
WMU - Worship Music / WMUP / Book
1970 Edition
10334 The Presbyterian Hymnal; Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs
Presbyterian Church (U. S. A.)
Westminister/John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-10097-X
WMU - Worship Music / WMUP / Book
1990 Edition
10333 Our Hymnody; A Manual of the Methodist Hymnal
Robert Guy McCutchan
Abingdon Press
WMU - Worship Music / WMUM / Book
This book gives information concerning each hymn and tune in the Methodist Hymnal, as well as of the chants, responses, and other aids to worship therein.
10332 With Tongues of Fire; Profiles in 20th-Century Hymn Writing
Paul Westermeyer
Concorida Publishing House
ISBN 0-570-01349-6
WMU - Worship Music / WMUW / Book
This volume attempts an introduction to 20th century hymnody in the US with an overview of the issues of concern to the hymnists. Its core, however, is interviews (or previous publications for deceased hymnists) with selected authors: Carl P. Daw, Jr.; Timothy Dudley-Smith; Sylvia Dunstan; Martin Franzmann; Fred Pratt Green; Fred Kaan; Erik Routley; Thomas H. Troeger; Jaroslav J. Vajda; and Brian A. Wren. The emphasis is, obviously, mainline Protestant but with sufficient diversity to provide a reasonable overview. The bibliographic information provided is excellent, providing the necessary information to follow up on authors who catch your imagination.
10331 The Story of Christian Music; From Gregorian Chant to Black Gospel; An Illustrated Guide to All the Major Traditions of Music in Worship
Andrew Wilson-Dickson
Fortress Press
ISBN 0-8006-3474-8
WMU - Worship Music / WMUD / Book
Thoroughly grounded in the British musical context and traditions, Wilson-Dickson nonetheless presents a broad-ranging and fairly balanced few of the long history of Christian music. For most Christians through the centuries, the idea of worship without music (and, indeed, without particular kinds of music) might have been considered greater heresy than many of the theological controversies that fill the standard history texts. Even today, when a new minister goes into a church, the congregation is as likely to be upset at a shift in hymnody and music as in theological directions that diverge from their own.
10330 Church Music and the Christian Faith
Erik Routley
ISBN 0-916642-10-0
WMU - Worship Music / WMUR / Book
The author is concerned with the intrinsicality of appropriate music in the Christian context.

Total number of records: 787 Matching records: 15

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