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10339 Book of Common Worship
The Theological and Worship Ministry Unit of the Presbyterian Church (U. S. A.)
Westminister/John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-21991-8
WL - Worship Liturgy / WLT / Book
10051 Banquet of Praise
Bread for the World
Bread for the World
ISBN Not available
WL - Worship Liturgy / WLB / Book
A book of worship resources, hymns and songs in the spirit of justice, peace and food for all.
10048 Fresh Winds of the Spirit - Book 2, Liturgical Resources for Year A
Lavon Bayler
The Pilgrim Press
ISBN 0-8298-0927-9
WL - Worship Liturgy / WLB / Book
For each occasionin the church year, Bayler provides a responsive call to worship, invocation, call to confession, prayer of confession, assurance of forgiveness, offertory invitation, offertory prayer, responsive benediction, and at least one original hymn - all using phrases and themes from scripture for the day. And the 123 inclusive-language hymn are an important feature of this book, providing new and thoughtful words to familiar melodies.
Suitable for times of personal devotion as well as for public worship, these liturgical resources are joyous and insightful, lively and faithful components of liturgy that will enrich the life of the entire Christian community.
10045 Awakened Worship - Involving Laymen in Creative Worship
Wilfred M. Bailey
Abingdon Press
ISBN 0-687-02338-6
WL - Worship Liturgy / WLB / Book
To what extent is public worship consistent with the Christian faith? How well is the faith communicated by the service of worship?
These are two important questions the author deals with in his study of worship in the modern church.
After concluding that worship service has lost touch with the ideals on which faith was founded, Mr. Bailey goes one step further. He proposes a remedy for the situation.
The author suggests ways of using creative worship forms and methods that place special emphasis on the involvement of the laity in planning and participation.
This book contains an important message for clergymen and laymen who feel the congregation should participate in the worship service and not merely observe.
10040 Prayers for the Lord's Day - Hope for the Exile
James S. Lowry
Geneva Press
ISBN 0-664-50229-6
WL - Worship Liturgy / WLL / Book
In this collection of liturgical prayers, James S. Lowry provides an excellent resource for preaching pastors. Correlating with the 'Book Of Common Worship' of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the book includes prayers of confession, pastoral prayers of thankgiving, prayres before meetings, prayers for weddings, and prayers for funerals.
10034 Touch Holiness - Resources for Worship
Ruth C. Duck & Maren C. Tirabassi
United Church Press
ISBN 0-8298-0809-4
WL - Worship Liturgy / WLD / Book
Theologically and liturgically sensitive, these resources for the church year will encourage creativity and theological integrity in worship. They address God in a rich variety of images from scripture and Christian experience so that worship may be more inclusive and vital. They respect human differences in gender, race, and physical abilities, exclucding no one and honoring all. Christian concern for justice and peace is a central theme.
Touch Holiness includes a list of lectionary readings, a Service of Thanksgiving for Christian Dying into Life, texts for sung service music, prayers of intercession, and resources for use in special times in a congregation's life.
10032 When We Gather
James G. Kirk
The Geneva Press
ISBN 0-664-24652-4
WL - Worship Liturgy / WLK / Book
Year A - a book of prayers for worship to be used in conjunction with Year A of the Lectionary prepared for trial use by the North American Committee on Calendar and Lectionary.
10030 Seasons of Light and Hope
Blair Gilmer Meeks
Abingdon Press
ISBN 0-687-34234-1
WL - Worship Liturgy / WLM / Book
Seasons of Light and Hope is a treasury of scripture-based prayers, and other worship aids to enrich worship from First Sunday of Advent through the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord (usually the second Sunday in January). The book contains corporate prayers and liturgies for other worship celebrations related to Christmas.
10027 Hear Our Prayer - Resources for Worship and Devotions
Glen E. Rainsley
United Church Press
ISBN 0-8298-1145-1
WL - Worship Liturgy / WLR / Book
Out of a profound awareness of God's presence in all we do, Rainsley has crafted a moving and inspiring collections of calls to worship, opening prayer/prayer of confessions, words of assurance, prayers of dedication, benediction, pastoral prayers, and introductions to silent prayer.
10023 The Season of Ash and Fire
Blair Gilmer Meeks
Abingdon Press
ISBN 0-687-04454-5
WL - Worship Liturgy / WLM / Book
Season of Ash and Fire will help pastors and worship planners prepare for Lent and Easter. The author provides corporate prayers for each Sunday and Holy Day in the Easter cycle.

Total number of records: 787 Matching records: 15

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