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10831 Thank God for Evolution; How the Marriage of Science and Religion Transform Your Life and Our World
Michael Dowd
ISBN 978-0-670-02045-4
TH - Theology / THD / Book
Few issues have revealed deeper divisions in our society than the debate between creationism and evolution, between religion and science. Yet from the fray, Reverend Michael Dowd has emerged as a reconciler, finding faith strengthened by the power of reason.
With evidence from contemporary astrophysics, geology, biology, anthropology, and evolutionary psychology, Thank God for Evolution lays out a compelling argument for how religion and science can be mutually enriching forces in our lives.
10753 God and the New Atheism: A Critical Response to Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens
John F. Haught
Westminister John Knox Press
ISBN 978-0-664-23304-4
TH - Theology / THH / Book
In God and the New Atheism, a world expert on science and theology gives clear, concise, and compelling answers to the charges against religion laid out in recent best-selling books by Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion), Sam Harris (The End of Faith), and Christopher Hitchens (God Is Not Great). For some, these "new atheists" appear to say extremely well what they believe to be wrong with religion. But, as John Haught shows, the treatment of religion in these books is riddled with logical inconsistencies, shallow misconceptions, and crude generalizations. Can God really be dismissed as a mere delusion? Is faith really the enemy of reason? And does religion really poison everything? God and the New Atheism offers a much-needed antidote to the extremist claims of scientific fundamentalism. This provocative and accessible little book will enable readers to see through the rhetorical fog of this recent phenomenon and come to a clearer understanding of the issues at stake in this crucial debate.
10752 The Skeptical Passionate Christian: Tools for Living Faithfully in an Uncertain World
Michael F. Duffy
Westminister John Knox Press
ISBN 978-0-664-23008-1
TH - Theology / THD / Book
Michael F. Duffy takes his readers through a personal theological journey, exploring what it means to discern and live out a thoughtful, informed, and responsible faith. Encouraging Christians to develop and commit themselves to a critically developed vision of God, Duffy introduces the basic intents, questions, and conversation partners in theology, providing guidance on how to responsibly engage each one. Finally, he uses the skills he introduces to lead his readers through an exploration of vocation--whether God calls, whether God calls each of us individually, and, if so, what God calls us to.
10751 Faith and Film: A Guidebook for Leaders
Edward N. McNulty
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 978-0-664-22950-4
TH - Theology / THM / Book
Growing numbers of church leaders are discovering that many films are able to impact viewers with gospel truths almost as well as a good sermon. Ed McNulty, a former pastor and longtime reviewer of films, offers this guide to help church leaders enter into dialogue with contemporary films. McNulty carefully crafts a theology of movies and then provides practical suggestions for creating and leading movie discussions with groups. In addition, he provides people from all across the theological spectrum with a framework to understand whether the overall message of a film outweighs concerns over profanity, violence, or sex in the film. He concludes by introducing twenty-seven films and including provocative questions about each that will prepare leaders to assemble and facilitate a group.

Popular films explored include The Color Purple; Crash; Hotel Rwanda; The Matrix; Million Dollar Baby; O Brother, Where Art Thou? and The Shawshank Redemption.
10750 Inside the Voyage of the Dawn Treader: A Guide to Exploring the Journey Beyond Narnia
Devin Brown
Baker Books
ISBN 978-0-8010-7165-2
TH - Theology / THB / Book
As he did in the successful Inside Narnia and Inside Prince Caspian, Devin Brown takes readers through The Voyage of the Dawn Treader chapter by chapter, illuminating the features of C. S. Lewis's writing, providing supplemental information on Lewis's life and other books, offering comments and opinions from other Lewis scholars, and uncovering the work's rich meanings. Longtime fans of C. S. Lewis and those who have met him through the movies will want to read this book.
10749 The Gospel According to Disney: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Mark I. Pinsky
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-22591-8
TH - Theology / THP / Book
In this follow-up to his bestselling The Gospel According to The Simpsons: The Spiritual Life of the World's Most Animated Family, religion journalist Mark Pinsky explores the role that the animated features of Walt Disney played on the moral and spiritual development of generations of children. Pinsky explores thirty-one of the most popular Disney films, as well as recent developments such as the 1990s boycott of Disney by the Southern Baptist Convention and the role that Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg played in the resurgance of the company since the mid-1980s.
10748 Halos and Avatars: Playing Video Games With God
Craig Detweiler
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 978-0-664-23277-1
TH - Theology / THD / Book
Craig Detweiler's collection of up-to-the-minute essays on video games' theological themes (and yes, they do exist!) is an engaging and provocative book for gamers, parents, pastors, media scholars, and theologians--virtually anyone who has dared to consider the ramifications of modern society's obsession with video games and online media. Together, these essays take on an exploding genre in popular culture and interpret it through a refreshing and enlightening philosophical lens.
10747 The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss
James W. Kemp
Judson Press
ISBN 0-8170-1457-8
TH - Theology / THK / Book
The stories of one of the world's most beloved children's authors are both imaginative and entertaining. But a closer look at Dr. Seuss's stories reveals that many are inspirational as well as instructive. James Kemp has identified as his favorite theologian not Barth or Pannenberg, but the inimitable Dr. Seuss. In this readily accessible resource, Kemp finds parallels between the actions of cats in hats, Grinches, Snitches, Sneetches, and other Creachas and lessons found in Scripture. Thus, as the author shares his enthusiasm for the creativity and wisdom of Dr. Seuss, both the meaning and the relevance of many Bible passages come to life.
10746 Finding God in the Land of Narnia
Kurt Bruner
Tyndale House Publishers
ISBN 978-0-8423-8104-8
TH - Theology / THB / Book
In Finding God in the Land of Narnia, best-selling authors Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware explore the deep spiritual themes of redemption and grace found in the popular Chronicles of Narnia series by C. S. Lewis. With amazing clarity that captures the tone and style of C. S. Lewis himself, the authors offer a depth of insight that will surprise even the most ardent Lewis fan. Each chapter will help readers gain not only a deeper understanding of the popular Lewis series, but a deeper understanding of God himself.
10745 The Gospel According to The Beatles
Steve Turner
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 978-0-664-22983-2
TH - Theology / THT / Book
Renowned British music journalist and author Steve Turner surveys the religious and spiritual influence of the Beatles, the band that changed the history of music forever. With new interviews, never-before-published material, and fresh insights, Turner helps the reader understand the religious and spiritual ideas and ideals that influenced the music and lives of the Beatles and helps us see how the Fab Four influenced our own lives and culture.

Topics discussed include the religious upbringing of John, Paul, George, and Ringo; the backlash in the United States after John Lennon's "The Beatles are more popular than Jesus" comment; the dabbling in Eastern religion; the use of drugs to attempt to enter a higher level of consciousness; and the overall legacy that the Beatles and their music have left. While there is no religious system that permanently anchored the Beatles or their music, they did leave a gospel, Turner concludes: one of love, peace, personal freedom, and the search for transcendence.

Total number of records: 787 Matching records: 80

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