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10777 Jubilee Time; Celebrating Women, Spirit, and the Advent of Age
Maria Harris
Bantam Books
ISBN 0-553-37467-2
S - Seniors / SH / Book
Jubilee Time celebrates the freedom, opportunities, and power of older women, who are too often maligned in our youth-obsessed culture. Based on the Jubilee passage in Leviticus--"You shall hallow the fiftieth year. It shall be a Jubilee for you"--this practical and philosophical book helps women assess what values and beliefs they want to carry forward into the second half of life.
A Jubilarian herself, Harris draws on her own experience and cites others--including May Sarton, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, M.F.K. Fisher, Florida Scott-Maxwell, Doris Grumbach, as well as more than one hundred "ordinary" women--to reflect the variety and vitality of this unheralded community. In lyrical prose punctuated by exercises and meditations, she invites readers to rest and reflect, stop and take stock, celebrate and cultivate the rich rewards of a mature spirituality.
10157 Creative Aging - Discovering the unexpected joys of later life through personality type
Nancy Bost Millner
Davies-Black Publishing
ISBN 0-89106-111-8
S - Seniors / SM / Book
Why are some people full of vitality and passion for life, while others are bound by fear and regret? Applying Jung's model of personality type and the tools of the Myers Briggs Type IndicatorĀ® assessment, psychologist and counselor Nancy Millner examines the impact personality differences have on our responses to aging. Millner offers as illustration the personal stories of more than 50 people who have passed through midlife and are now aging creatively in their 60s and 70s. All have faced the limitations of their later years with optimism that has led to new energy and purpose in their work, their relationships and their spiritual growth.
10156 Older Adult Ministry
Presbyterian Publishing House
S - Seniors / SV / Book
Older Adult Ministry - A resource for program development
10155 Decide for Yourself - A book to help you make end of life decisions
Carolyn S. Brown
Pritchett & Hull Associates, Inc.
ISBN 0-939838-34-6
S - Seniors / SB / Book
This book can help you make choices about end of life decisions. Examples are included to illustrate topics but do not cover all the situations that might occure.
10154 A Spirituality for Late Life
Juliana Cooper-Goldenberg
Geneva Press
ISBN 0-664-50084-6
S - Seniors / SC / Book
The United nations set forth "Principles for Older Persons", in order to guide programming, celebrative activities, and dialogue concerning issues of older persons during the International year. Those principles are Indepenence, Participation, car, Self-Fulfillment, and Dignity.
10153 For All Your Seasons - Biblical Direction Through Life's Passages
Carnegie Samuel Calian
John Knox Press
ISBN 0-8042-2084-0
S - Seniors / SC / Book
"For All Your Seasons" applies the Bible to the needs of everyday living. The distinctive feature of this book is the author's approach to life's passages from a Christian perspective.
10152 Aging - The Fulfillment of Life
Henri J.M. Nouwen and Walter J. Gaffney
Double Day Image Book
ISBN 0-385-00918-6
S - Seniors / SN / Book
We are all aging. We are each a spoke on the great wheel of life, part of the ongoing cycle of growth. In Aging, Henri J.M. Nouwen and Walter J. Gaffney share some moving and inspirational thoughts on what aging means (and can mean) to all of us, whether we're in our youth, middle age, or later years.

Enhanced by some eighty-five photographs depicting various scenes from life and nature, this book shows how to make the later years a source of hope rather than a time of loneliness -- a way out of darkness into the light. "Aging," the authors write, "is not a reason for despair, but a basis of hope, not a slow decaying, but a gradual maturing, not a fate to be undergone but a chance to be embraced." And they remind us of our responsibility to incorporate the aged into the fabric of our own lives -- helping them become teachers again so they may help us repair the fragmented connections between generations.

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