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10837 Help, Thanks, Wow; The Three Essential Prayers
Anne Lamott
Riverhead Books
ISBN 978-1-59463-129-0
PR - Prayer / PRL / Book
It is these three prayers – asking for assistance from a higher power, appreciating what we have that is good, and feeling awe at the world around us – that can get us through the day and can show us the way forward. In Help, Thanks, Wow, Lamott recounts how she came to these insights, explains what they mean to her and how they have helped, and explores how others have embraced these same ideas.
10778 Unbinding Your Heart; 40 Days of Prayer & Faith Sharing
Martha Grace Reese
GraceNet, Inc
ISBN 978-0-8272-3805-3
PR - Prayer / PRR / Book
Unbinding Your Heart: 40 Days of Prayer & Faith Sharing is a brilliant book -- witty, engaging, and grounded in a four-year Lilly Endowment study. Unbinding Your Heart is a six-week individual and small-group study.
10720 Prayers for Healing: 365 Blessings, Poems, and Meditations from Around the World
Maggie Oman
MJF Books
ISBN 1-56731-427-9
PR - Prayer / PRO / Book
10532 Psalms for Life: Healing and Praying the Book of Psalms
John Eaton
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-23116-0
PR - Prayer / PRE / Book
Joy, despair, faith, doubt, hate, love, frustration, patience, turmoil, peace, insecurity, trust - the book of Psalms covers the range of human emotions. In Psalms for Life, John Eaton explores the poetry of the Psalms as a never failing source of challenge, comfort, and encouragement. Beginning with Psalm 1 and continuing through to Psalm 150, he provides a short reflection on each psalm, distilling and explaining the poet's essential message, and ending with a brief meditative prayer. As a distinguished biblical scholar who has studied the Psalms all his life, John Eaton writes with warmth, clarity and authority. As a Christian, he sees the Psalms as prophetic of Christ, revealing vital and often little-known facets of his life and character. As a sensitive and skilful teacher, he draws out the full significance of these ancient songs as a source of wisdom and insight for all who live the Christian life today.
10531 Praying the Psalms: Daily Meditations on Cherished Psalms
J. Barrie Shepherd
The Westminster Press
ISBN 0-664-24070-4
PR - Prayer / PRS / Book
Well-known for his devotional writing, J. Barrie Shepherd reflects on best-loved Psalms, including Psalms 23, 100, and 118: "The Lord is my shepherd," "Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the lands!" and "O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good." In the format of morning and evening prayers for one month, Shepherd writes on themes of worship--prayer, contemplation, and song--and on emotions of the worshiper such as awe and and joy. Space is provided so that readers can write down their own reflections.
10530 Finding Calm in the Chaos: Christian Devotions for Busy Women
Kathleen Long Bostrom
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-22916-6
PR - Prayer / PRB / Book
Best-selling author Kathy Bostrom offers this book of devotions to help women create calm in the chaos of their busy lives. The book comprises twenty-eight days of devotions for each month of the year, so that readers can begin using the book during any month. Each week's devotions, prayers, quotations, and "Spirit Boosters" focus on one Bible passage, which is read each day of that week. Each week ends with a "Sabbath Celebration," a time for quiet prayer, reflection, and renewal. The "Spirit Boosters" for each week are divided into "Reaching In" and "Reaching Out" sections. They offer suggestions for ways to be kind to yourself and to others while nurturing your own faith. This book is ideal for women's prayer groups, to give as a gift, or to give to yourself.
10529 Praying With The Bible
Philip Law
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-23272-8
PR - Prayer / PRL / Book
In this beautifully packaged collection, Philip Law offers a superb assortment of prayers lifted directly or adapted from a multiplicity of Bible translations. Including examples of all kinds of prayers found in the Bible, from one-line "arrow" prayers to entire psalms, Law has sensitively adapted key passages of Scripture into moving and lyrical prayers that will enhance both private devotion and communal worship.
10528 The Lord's Prayer for Today
William J. Carl, III
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-22957-3
PR - Prayer / PRC / Book
This volume in the new For Today series presents an accessible study of the familiar words of the Lord’s Prayer. Well-known preacher and seminary president William Carl interprets the prayer in light of how it was understood by Jesus’ disciples and also the significant role the prayer can play in the life of Christian believers today. The discussion questions at the end of each chapter make this an ideal book for group study in churches or for individual reading and reflection.
10527 Prayers for Puppies, Aging Autos, Sleepless Nights: God Listens to It All: Prayers for the Daily Grind
Robert Jones
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-25356-3
PR - Prayer / PRJ / Book
This unique and practical book takes moments from everyday life and turns them into powerful ingredients of unpretentious prayers. Illustrated with Gay Guidotti's sensitive drawings, everything from puppies, divorces, stray cats, short putts, diets, headaches, serious illnesses, and anxiety is mentioned in these prayers that get to the heart of what life is all about.
10526 A Book of Reformed Prayer
Howard L. Rice & Lamar Williamson, Jr.
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-25701-1
PR - Prayer / PRR / Book
Prayer has undergirded the achievements, sacrifices, and faithfulness of the Reformed tradition since its beginning. And the ways in which Reformed Christians pray have been as varied throughout the centuries as the many denominations that are included in the Reformed tradition.

Howard Rice and Lamar Williamson have gathered more than 200 prayers from the Reformed tradition, organizing the prayers chronologically by century. They provide historical information and biographies of each author to enhance readers' understanding of each prayer within its own context.

This book is ideal for both reference and personal devotion and will inspire a new appreciation of the piety of the Reformed heritage.

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