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10832 The Five Love Languages of Teenagers
Gary Chapman
Northfield Publishing
ISBN 1-881273-39-3
PA - Parenting / PAC / Book
The Five Love Languages of Teenagers contains very practical guidance on how to express the teen's primary love language, how to teach them appropriate responsibility, and how to properly handle both parental and teen anger. It is a tangible resource for stemming the tide of violence, immorality, and despair engulfing many teens today.
10769 Saving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls
Mary Pipher
Ballentine Books
ISBN 0-345-39282-5
PA - Parenting / PAP / Book
Why are more American adolescent girls prey to depression, eating disorders, addictions, and suicide attempts than ever before? According to Dr. Mary Pipher, a clinical psychologist who has treated girls for more than twenty years, we live in a look-obsessed, media-saturated, "girl-poisoning" culture. Despite the advances of feminism, escalating levels of sexism and violence--from undervalued intelligence to sexual harassment in elementary school--cause girls to stifle their creative spirit and natural impulses, which, ultimately, destroys their self-esteem. Yet girls often blame themselves or their families for this "problem with no name" instead of looking at the world around them.

Here, for the first time, are girls' unmuted voices from the front lines of adolescence, personal and painfully honest. By laying bare their harsh day-to-day reality, Reviving Ophelia issues a call to arms and offers parents compassion, strength, and strategies with which to revive these Ophelias' lost sense of self.
10706 Talking to Your Child About God: A Book for Families of All Faiths
David Heller
Bantam Books
ISBN 0-553-05325-6
PA - Parenting / PAH / Book
For every parent who wants to nurture his or her child's spiritual development, David Heller provides much-needed guidance in one of the most vital areas of life. Without attempting to persuade or convert, Heller's guide helps parents decide how best to impart their own beliefs to their children, and give them a healthy, secure view of the world.
10705 Giving Good Gifts: The Spiritual Journey of Parenthood
George C. Conway
Westminister John Knox
ISBN 0-664-22563-2
PA - Parenting / PAC / Book
Developing spiritual gifts in children is one of the most important principles of good parenting. George Conway uses scriptural insights and personal anecdotes to identify seven gifts that parents can give to their children to help them form healthy spiritual identities. Giving Good Gifts describes how providing our children with these gifts enable us to experience parenting as its own spiritual journey.
10704 Games Grandmas Play: Life Lessons on Christian Faith and Grandchildren
Joan Jacobs
Geneva Press
ISBN 0-664-50150-8
PA - Parenting / PAJ / Book
Joan Jacobs is a wise and experienced grandma. She wants grandmothers everywhere to love what they do and to grow in faith. She brings her theological training, life experience, good humor, and imagination together in an inspiring reflection on one of life's greatest opportunities--being a grandma. Jacobs explores the grandmother/grandchild relationship, showing grandmothers how to offer practical guidance and spiritual wisdom in a way that encourages the development of their grandchildren.
10703 Helping Teenagers Grow Morally: A Guide for Adults
C. Ellis Nelson
Westminster John Knox
ISBN 0-664-25305-9
PA - Parenting / PAN / Book
How can church members help teenagers aquire Christian moral standards? C. Ellis Nelson views morals as a practical outgrowth of beliefs about the meaning of life, and oulines seven strategies that can help adults influence young adults. He emphasizes what Christians can do in congregations to create a caring community that encourages young people to embody virtues that build a better society.
10702 Interchurch Families: Resources for Ecumenical Hope
John C. Bush and Patrick R. Cooney
Westminster John Knox
ISBN 0-664-22562-4
PA - Parenting / PAB / Book
Marriage and families are becoming increasingly complex. No longer can any of us speak with simplicity about what a "typical" family is like, now that our vocabulary includes words like "single parent," "blended," and "multi-faith." Inerfaith Families is a brief, usable book designed for ministers and priests to use with congregants who are entering into, or are already in, an interchurch (Reformed-Catholic) marriage. It can also be useful for laity involved in interchurch families.
10124 The Godbearing Life
Kenda Creasy Dean and Ron Foster
Upper Room Books
ISBN 0-8358-0858-0
PA - Parenting / PAD / Book
In The Godbearing Life, the authors offer a lively spiritual primer and practical guide for those who pastor young people. Dean and Foster rechart a course for youth ministry through the classical spiritual disciplines of the church. The book identifies families, congregations, and mentor relationships as the "holy ground" where young people are most likely to say "Yes!" to God
10123 In My Heart Room
Mary Terese Donze
ISBN 0-7648-0225-9
PA - Parenting / PAD / Book
These popular prayers from Sister Donzes original In My Heart Room books are now available in an expanded edition. Her guided love prayers of the heart offer a beautifully simple method of teaching meditative prayer. Children will learn to pray by concentrating and meditating on such common objects as a pencil, a coin, and a flower.
Using this simple prayer-process, many children have been taught to enter into their heart room where they experience a prayerful closeness to Jesus living within them. This special book of love prayers can be used by parents or teachers and can be adapted as a method of prayer for older children and even adults.
10119 Dreams Alive - Prayers by Teenagers
Edited by Carl Koch
Saint Mary's Press, Christian brothers Publications
ISBN 0-88489-262-X
PA - Parenting / PAK / Book
Teens love to peek inside the inner thoughts of other teens. Over 140 prayers and reflections by teenagers from all over the United States have been collected in Dreams Alive. Their reflections touch on themes and feelings at the heart of young peoples' experiences--the future of the environment, the importance of friends and families, the challenges of making important decisions. Honest and articulate, optimistic or doubtful, these prayers reflect the insight and humor with which teenagers keep their dreams alive.

Total number of records: 787 Matching records: 38

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