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10675 Teaching Mission in a Global Context
Patricia Lloyd-Sidle and Bonnie Sue Lewis
Geneva Press
ISBN 0-664-50154-0
MI - Mission / MIL / Book
This book is a collection of eleven essays about the practice of mission. The first section, titled "Feet First," is about the way in which Christian practices, many of them taken for granted, shape mission. The next section deals with the issue of transformation in mission work and the related concerns of mutuality, solidarity, and marginality. The third section takes up the situation of the relation of Christianity to other religions. Finally, the last four essays take up spirituality as an inward and outward event, doing mission in the context of North America, and finally the development of a new theological identity based on the image of God as a missionary God.
10193 The Caribbean: Culture of Resistance, Spirit of Hope
Oscar L. Bolioli
Friendship Press
ISBN 0-377-00254-2
MI - Mission / MIB / Book
Despite centuries of exploitation and oppression, the peoples of the Caribbean have an indomitable spirit, expressed in the very diversity of their culture, politics and religion. These essays, as well as the stirring reports issued by recent ecumenical gatherings in the region, combine to provide dramatic insights into another side of "paradise."
10192 Spirit and Struggle in Southern Asia
Barbra H. Chase and Martha L. Man
Friendship Press
ISBN 0-377-00157-0
MI - Mission / MIC / Book
Southern Asians tell their own stories in the pages of this book. Poets and activists, church leaders and educators, women and men, famous thinkers and anonymous young people, each knows a different reality. Each offers separate wisdom. Their reflections on history, religion and culture, on women's roles, economic justice and the outlook for peace will challenge old images and promote new understanding of this diverse and complex region.
10191 The Next Christendom; The Coming of Global Christianity
Philip Jenkins
Oxford University Press
ISBN 0-19-514616-6
MI - Mission / MIJ / Book
The explosive southward expansion of Christianity in Africa, Asia, and Latin American has barely registered on Western consciousness. Nor has the globalization of Christianity--and the enormous religious, political, and social consequences it portends--been properly understood.
10189 Sanctuary; A Resource Guide for Understanding & Participating in the Cen. American Refugees' Struggle
Gary MacEoin
Harper & Row
ISBN 0-06-065372-8
MI - Mission / MIE / Book
The Bible tells us to shelter the alien in our midst, to comfort the homeless and lost, the refugee, the widow and the orphan. Not only as a Work of Mercy but as a Commandment renewed and expanded in the New Covenant with Jesus Christ. This book shows us how, reporting the discussions of a symposium in Tuscon twenty years ago, with opening remarks by self proclaimed refugee Elie Weisel.
10188 The Middle of Everywhere; The World's Refugees Come to Our Town
Mary Pipher
Harcourt, Inc.
ISBN 0-15-100600-8
MI - Mission / MIP / Book
In cities and towns all over the country, refugees arrive daily. Lost Boys from Sudan, survivors from Kosovo, families fleeing Afghanistan and Vietnam: they come with nothing but the desire to experience the American dream. Their endurance in the face of tragedy and their ability to hold on to the essential virtues of family, love, and joy are a tonic for Americans who are now facing crises at home. Their stories will make you laugh and weep--and give you a deeper understanding of the wider world in which we live.
The Middle of Everywhere moves beyond the headlines, into the hearts and homes of refugees from around the world. Her stories bring to us the complexity of cultures we must come to understand in these times.

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