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10701 Devotions for Men on the Go
Stephen Arterburn
Tyndale House Publisher, Inc.
ISBN 0-8423-5756-4
M - Men / MA / Book
Designed to encourage readers to spend time reading and meditating on the truth of God's Word, these brief devotions, based solidly in Scripture, are ideal for reading over morning coffee, waiting in the car for children after school, or anytime people “on the go” want to make the most of just a few minutes. These devotions will encourage men and women to meditate on God's Word daily, even in the midst of a busy, active schedule.
10073 The Master's Men
William Barclay
Abingdon Press
ISBN 0-687-23731-9
M - Men / MB / Book
By drawing together in an uncomplicated, interesting style all that the New Testament, tradition, legend, and early Christian and Jewish writers have to say. Dr. Barclay presents a fascinatingg picture of each disciple. he helps us see the Master's men as ordinary humans madegreat by transforming influences of Christ.
10072 Bible Readings for Men
Steve Swanson
Augsburg Publishing House
ISBN 0-8066-2060-9
M - Men / MS / Book
Never in the history of God's dealings with humankind has there been more need for active , informed, concerned, and faithful men. As the nuclear family breaks down, as our heads swirl with ups and downs of a sexual revolution, as women move into areas and activities that we always thought were 'ours', we feel more and more threatened, more and more concerned about what it means to be a man.
The most important resource book that speaks to that concern is the Bible.
10071 A Man and His God
Martin W. Pable
Ave Maria Press
ISBN 0-87793-380-4
M - Men / MP / Book
Are men the 'forgotten sex' when it comes to spirituality? Father Martin Pable believes there is a real spritual hunger among many men today. They are interested in reading about spiritual growth, ' but most of what is written does not speak to theirs concerns.' In this delightful written book he sets out to help change that, to show what spirituality looks like and what it does to a man's life.
10070 The Quest for the Male Soul
Martin Pable
Ave maria Press
ISBN 0-87793-580-7
M - Men / MP / Book
Many men in our society have a deep spiritual life, and many more desire one. No longer satisfied with the games and toys served up by the consumer culture, they are searching for 'something more.' They are seeking deeper spiritual meaning and a more personal relationship with God.
The author six Hebrew words to describe six stages of a man's spiritual development. He guides readers in an exploration of what it means to be created in the image of God, to possess positive sexual energy, to be endowed with the courage of a warrior, to carry one's wounds gracefully, to grow in the mature excercise, and finally, to be wise.
10069 Lying with the Heavenly Woman
Robert A. Johnson
Harper San Francisco
ISBN 0-06-251066-5
M - Men / MJ / Book
'Lying with the Heavenly Woman' explores this vital quest to understand and differentiate the role of the feminine in men's lives. With characteristic insight and clarity, pioneering Jungian analyst Robert Johnson illumninates both the elusive, often misunderstood inner feminine - the realm of meaning, feeling, and creativity - and the outer embodiments of femininity - a man's relationship to people who represent the life-enhancing feminine archetypes - from mother and sister to friend, soulmate, and spouse.
10068 Fire in the Belly - On being a Man
Sam Keen
Bantam Books
ISBN 0-553-35137-0
M - Men / MK / Book
How does one become a "real man"? By joining a fraternity? Getting a letter in football? Conquering a lot of women? Making a lot of money?
What does it really mean to be a man? 'Fire in the Belly' answers that question by daringly confronting outdated models of manhood that impoverish, injure, and alienate men. It shows instead how men can can find their own path to understanding the unique mysteries of being male and in the process rediscover a new vitality and virility that will energize every aspect of their lives. Here is a look at men at work, at play, at war, and in love, moving from brokenness to wholeness and building nurturing, satisfying relatioships with one another, their mates, and their families.

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