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10765 Money Enough: Everyday Practices for Living Faithfully in the Global Economy
Douglas A. Hicks
ISBN 978-0-7879-9775-5
CL - Christian Living / CLH / Book
Reflections for Christians for dealing with money in a consumer-driven world In this much-needed book Douglas Hicks looks at how Christian faith applies to the practices of economic life-spending, saving, giving especially as an alternative to a life of unbridled consumerism. This book offers reflections for people of faith and anyone who wants to connect their Monday through Saturday lives with their faith and live a more integrated way. It takes a look at how to realistically apply Christian principles in these especially perilous economic times. Explores how Christians can rethink their practices of faith as consumers, investors, and earners Offers reflections on an important Christian concept in a practical, lively, and engaging style Contains ideas for meeting the everyday pressures, questions, and anxieties of economic life as they connect with Christian faith A new volume in the Practices of Faith Series The book is filled with the author's level-headed, thoughtful reflections on Christian practices of getting and spending.
10763 Living Faith
Jimmy Carter
Random House
ISBN 0-8129-3034-7
CL - Christian Living / CLC / Book
For almost three decades, President Carter has regularly spent part of each Sunday reading from scripture and sharing his personal faith with neighbors, friends, and visitors at his Baptist church in Plains, Georgia. In Living Faith, he draws on this experience, exploring the values closest to his heart and the personal beliefs that have nurtured and sustained him.
10762 Practicing Our Faith: A Way of Life for a Searching People
Dorothy C. Bass
Jossey-Bass Publishing
ISBN 0-7879-3883-1
CL - Christian Living / CLB / Book
The gap between theory and practice in religion is one of growing consternation for people. Aside from going to church on Sunday, how does a Christian manifest the power of this religion in his or her own life? Instead of just being a Christian, how can one bring the meaningfulness of Christianity into one's life? Dorothy C. Bass and 12 other Christian leaders offer concrete practices such as hospitality, simplicity, and community gathering that serve to enrich our lives and the lives of others while reinforcing faith in God. Although presented from a Christian point of view, the practices themselves are universally applicable.
10723 I Do...Every Day: Words of Wisdom for Newlyweds and Not So Newlyweds
Cynthia Bond Hopson
Abingdon Press
ISBN 978-1-4267-1479-5
CL - Christian Living / CLH / Book
Cynthia and Roger Hopson are on a mission to help newlyweds and not so newlyweds revitalize marriage as the treasure God intended. In each of the thirty-one reflections in I Do...Every Day, the Hopsons offer straight talk, ask questions that may cause a little blushing (don’t worry, nothing X-rated), and tell stories that will touch readers where they live, inspiring them to be equal partners, friends, and lovers. It is for anyone who has ever said “I do,” “I will,” or “I messed up" and even those who are getting ready to walk down the aisle.
10542 99 Things to Do Between Here and Heaven
Kathleen Long Bostrom & Peter Graystone
Westminister John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-23324-2
CL - Christian Living / CLB / Book
Kathleen Long Bostrom and Peter Graystone provide the ultimate to do list: ninety-nine things that everyone should experience during their time on earth. From the sublime (watch the sun rise), to the wonderfully silly (ride a roller-coaster!), the activities presented will breathe new life into readers' lives while opening them up to new spiritual experiences.

Each entry provides a description of the activity, what the reader can expect to gain from it, and how much of a time commitment it will require. Blank space is included to record memories of and thoughts about the experience.
10541 The Ancient Laugh of God: Divine Encounters in Unlikely Places
J. Marshall Jenkins
Westminister John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-25485-3
CL - Christian Living / CLJ / Book
J. Marshall Jenkins believes that irony under girds the ordinary. Through the ironies of God's presence and absence, and human life and death, he feels the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Through the eyes of faith, one can catch glimpses of Christ.
10540 Being Disciples of Jesus in a Dot.Com World: A Theological Survival Guide for Youth, Adults, and Other Confused Christians
Ted V. Foote, Jr. & P. Alex Thornburg
Westminister John Knox
ISBN 0-664-22560-8
CL - Christian Living / CLF / Book
Ted Foote and Alex Thornburg, authors of the acclaimed Being Presbyterian in the Bible Belt, return with a book that engagingly and wittily examines Christian discipleship in the midst of the postmodern world. With chapter titles such as "Is God Eccentric or Comfortably Middle Class?" "How Much is Grace, or is it Just Cheap?" "What Would Jesus Drive?" and "Am I My Siblings' Keeper, or Are They the Weakest Links?" Foote and Thornburg once again make a fun and enlightening read out of weighty theological topics. Includes study questions, journaling opportunities, and leaders' helps.
10539 The Cure for the Chronic Life: Overcoming the Hopelessness That Holds You Back
Deanna Favre & Shane Stanford
Abingdon Press
ISBN 978-1-4267-1001-8
CL - Christian Living / CLF / Book
A life of unanswered questions, broken relationships, and poor decisions disrupts a relationship with God and creates crisis.

Deanna Favre, a breast cancer survivor and wife of NFL legend Brett Favre, and Shane Stanford, an HIV-positive minister, have both lived such a life. Chronic hopelessness was part of their everyday lives as it is for many people. But Deanna and Shane discovered the transforming grace and strength of a God who provides answers for questions and possibilities for uncertainties.

The Cure for the Chronic Life is a guide for the journey out of hopelessness. In its pages, discover the power of redeeming love and the hope of living in Christ.
10538 Johnny Cash and the Great American Contradiction: Christianity and the Battle for the Soul of a Nation
Rodney Clapp
Westminister John Knox Press
ISBN 978-0-664-23088-3
CL - Christian Living / CLC / Book
Holiness and hedonism. Lonesomeness and community. Tradition and progress. Highly regarded commentator on Christianity and popular culture Rodney Clapp argues that these great tensions form the bedrock of American history and our current culture. Utilizing the life and music of Johnny Cash to illustrate these and other American contradictions, he probes these phenomena with sharp theological questions--seeking the language and knowledge that will enable us to reach across political and cultural divides and encourage a more graceful and constructive negotiation of current contradictions.
10537 Is This All There Is?: And Other Big Questions About God and Life
Andy Langford & Mark Rall
Abingdon Press
ISBN 978-1-4267-0039-2
CL - Christian Living / CLL / Book
Introduces the most basic themes of Christianity and explores the most fundamental questions of religion

With this book, readers can learn the primary tenets of Christianity as they move into a deeper life of faith.

* An easy-to-follow discussion of basic questions about the Christian faith and life
* Helps readers discover that by understanding faith, they can experience it more fully.
* A source not only for those new to the Christian faith but also those wanting to explore their faith more deeply.

The authors explore such questions as: How do we deal with emptiness in our lives? Who is Jesus and how can he help? What is salvation? Can we trust in God?

Total number of records: 787 Matching records: 43

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