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10223 Through the Ages; A History of the Christian Church
Ernest Trice Thompson
The CLC Press
CH - Church History / CHT / Book
Traces the mission of the church from the inception of the definition of "church" to the present.
10222 The Story of the Reformation
William Stevenson
John Knox Press
ISBN 1245054236
CH - Church History / CHS / Book
Provides a readable and popular history of the Reformation for the general reader and to stimulate interest in the Reformation movement.
10221 Caesar and Christ; A History of Roman Civilization and of Christianity from their beginnings to A.D. 325
Will Durant
Simon and Schuster
ISBN 0-671115-00-6
CH - Church History / CHD / Book
The book's timespan covers roughly 800 BC to 300 AD and focuses on Rome and the early days of Christianity. The latter part of the book focuses on the origins of Christianity, starting with Jesus and leading up to around 300 AD and explains why Jesus had revolutionary beliefs, and how his Apostles and how the Church expanded while Rome collapsed under its own weight in the background.
10220 A Story of Christianity
Kenneth Scott Latourette
Harper & Row
CH - Church History / CHL / Book
Here is both an old and new story. It is old. Repeatedly across its nineteen and a half centuries the history of Christianity has been told and retold. It is not only old: it is also ever new. In each age it must be told afresh.
10219 The Birth of Christianity; Discovering What Happened in the Years Immediately After the Execution of Jesus
John Dominic Crossan
Harper San Francisco
ISBN 0-06-061660-1
CH - Church History / CHC / Book
Reveals how Christianity emerged in the period following Jesus'; death. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, Crossan shines new light on the theological and cultural contexts from which the Christian church arose. He argues powerfully that Christianity would have happened with or without Paul and contends that Jesus' "resurrection" meant something vastly different for his early followers than it does for many traditional Christians today-what mattered was Christinan origins finally illuminates the mysterious period that set Western religious history in its decisive course.
10217 The Crisis of Church and State, 1050-1300
Brian Tierney
Prentice-Hall, Inc.
CH - Church History / CHT / Book
Brings to the contemporary reader the major document of the prolonged debate, revealing the ideas behind the conflict and relating them to the practical politics of the medieval world
10216 The Reformation
Owen Chadwick
Penguin Books
CH - Church History / CHC / Book
Deals with the formative work or Erasmus, Luther Zwingli and Calvin, and analyses the special circumstances of the English Reformation as well as the Jesuits and the Counter-Reformation.
10215 Presbyterian Heritage
A. Mervyn Davies
John Knox Press
CH - Church History / CHD / Book
Traces the history of Presbyterianism on the Continent, in Great Britain, and in America. Tells the story of the denomination's founders and heroes and what it has stood for, fought for, and suffered for down through the four centuries of its existence.
10214 The Closing of the Western Mind; The Rise of Faith and the Fall of Reason
Charles Freeman
Vintage Books
ISBN 1-4000-3380-2
CH - Church History / CHF / Book
A radical and powerful reappraisal of the impact of Constantine’s adoption of Christianity on the later Roman world, and on the subsequent development both of Christianity and of Western civilization.

When the Emperor Contstantine converted to Christianity in 368 AD, he changed the course of European history in ways that continue to have repercussions to the present day. Adopting those aspects of the religion that suited his purposes, he turned Rome on a course from the relatively open, tolerant and pluralistic civilization of the Hellenistic world, towards a culture that was based on the rule of fixed authority, whether that of the Bible, or the writings of Ptolemy in astronomy and of Galen and Hippocrates in medicine. Only a thousand years later, with the advent of the Renaissance and the emergence of modern science, did Europe begin to free itself from the effects of Constantine's decision, yet the effects of his establishment of Christianity as a state religion remain with us, in many respects, today.
10213 St. Paul Versus St. Peter; A Tale of Two Missions
Michael Goulder
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-25561-2
CH - Church History / CHG / Book
Most Christians believe that there was essentially only one early church which was later imperiled by false teachings. The New Testament was the developing statement of this early church, and from it grew the whole structure of Christian belief. In this remarkable book, Michael Goulder sets out to disprove this commonly held theory.

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