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10718 The Gospel of Ruth: Loving God Enough to Break the Rules
Carolyn Curtis James
ISBN 0-310-26391-3
BSOT - Bible Study Old Testament / BSOTJ / Book
This isn't the Ruth, the Naomi, or the Boaz we thought we knew. Carolyn James has unearthed startling new insights from this well-worn story ... insights that have life-changing implications for you. Naomi is no longer regarded as a bitter, complaining woman, but as a courageous overcomer. A Female Job. Ruth (typically admired for her devotion to Naomi and her deference to Boaz) turns out to be a gutsy risk-taker and a powerful agent for change among God's people. She lives outside the box, and her love for Yahweh and Naomi compels her to break the rules of social and religious convention at nearly every turn. Boaz, the Kinsman Redeemer, is repeatedly caught off-guard by Ruth's initiatives. His partnership with her models the kind of male/female relationships that the gospel intends for all who follow Jesus. Carolyn James drills down deeper into the story where she uncovers in the Old Testament the same passionate, counter-cultural, rule-breaking gospel that Jesus modeled and taught his followers to pursue. Within this age-old story is a map to radical levels of love and sacrifice, combined with the message that God is counting on his daughters to build his kingdom. The Gospel of Ruth vests every woman's life with kingdom purposes and frees us to embrace wholeheartedly God's calling, regardless of our circumstances or season of life. This story of two women who have lost everything contains a profound message: God created women not to live in the shadowy margins of men or of the past, but to emerge as courageous activists for his kingdom.
10715 Genesis: A Living Conversation
Bill Moyers
ISBN 0-385-48345-7
BSOT - Bible Study Old Testament / BSOTM / Book
10714 Reflections on the Psalms
C. S. Lewis
Harvest Book
BSOT - Bible Study Old Testament / BSOTL / Book
10591 An Introduction to the Old Testament
Walter Brueggemann
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 978-0-664-22412-7
BSOT - Bible Study Old Testament / BSOTB / Book
In this book Walter Brueggemann, America's premier biblical theologian, introduces the reader to the broad theological scope and chronological sweep of the Old Testament. He covers every book of the Old Testament in the order in which it appears in the Hebrew Bible and treats the most important issues and methods in contemporary interpretation of the Old Testament--literary, historical, and theological.
10470 Jonah: A New Translation with Introduction, Commentary and Interpretation
Jack M. Sasson
The Anchor Bible Doubleday
ISBN 0-385-23525-9
BSOT - Bible Study Old Testament / BSOTS / Book
10469 The Kingdom of God: The Biblical Concept and Its Meaning for the Church
John Bright
Abingdon Press
BSOT - Bible Study Old Testament / BSOTB / Book
This book is concerned with an idea of central importance in the theology of the Bible.
10468 Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths
Bruce Feiler
William Morrow
ISBN 0-380-97776-1
BSOT - Bible Study Old Testament / BSOTF / Book
In this timely, provocative, and uplifting journey, the bestselling author of Walking the Bible searches for the man at the heart of the world's three monotheistic religions -- and today's deadliest conflicts.

At a moment when the world is asking, “Can the religions get along?” one figure stands out as the shared ancestor of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. One man holds the key to our deepest fears -- and our possible reconciliation. Abraham.

Bruce Feiler set out on a personal quest to better understand our common patriarch. Traveling in war zones, climbing through caves and ancient shrines, and sitting down with the world's leading religious minds, Feiler uncovers fascinating, little-known details of the man who defines faith for half the world.

Both immediate and timeless, Abraham is a powerful, universal story, the first-ever interfaith portrait of the man God chose to be his partner. Thoughtful and inspiring, it offers a rare vision of hope that will redefine what we think about our neighbors, our future, and ourselves.
10465 Jeremiah: Spokesman Out of Time
William L. Holladay
Pilgrim Press
ISBN 0-8298-0283-5
BSOT - Bible Study Old Testament / BSOTH / Book
10464 Hammer on the Rock: The Message of the Prophet Jeremiah
Robert H. Bullock
John Knox Press
BSOT - Bible Study Old Testament / BSOTB / Book
Every Member Bible Study, Presbyterian Church in the United States.
10463 Tracts for the Times: Ruth, Esther, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs
William McKane
Lutterworth Press/Abingdon Press
BSOT - Bible Study Old Testament / BSOTM / Book
Bible Guides Series.

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