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10738 The Gospel According to Science Fiction: From the Twilight Zone to the Final Frontier
Gabriel McKee
Westminister John Knox
ISBN 978-0-664-22901-6
TH - Theology / THM / Book
In this thorough and engaging book, Gabriel McKee explores the inherent theological nature of science fiction, using illustrations from television shows, literature, and films. Science fiction, he believes, helps us understand not only who we are but who we will become. McKee organizes his chapters around theological themes, using illustrations from authors such as Isaac Asimov and H. G. Wells, television shows such as Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, and films such as The Matrix and Star Wars. With its extensive bibliography and index, this is a book that all serious science fiction fans--not just those with a theological interest--will appreciate.
10737 The Gospel According to Tolkien: Visions of the Kingdom in Middle-earth
Ralph C. Wood
Westminister John Knox
ISBN 0-664-22610-8
TH - Theology / THW / Book
Readers have repeatedly called The Lord of the Rings the most important book of our age--absorbing all 1,500 of its pages with an almost fanatical interest and seeing the Peter Jackson movies in unprecedented numbers. Readers from ages 8 to 80 keep turning to Tolkien because here, in this magical kingdom, they are immersed in depth after depth of significance and meaning--perceiving the Hope that can be found amidst despair, the Charity that overcomes vengeance, and the Faith that springs from the strange power of weakness. The Gospel According to Tolkien examines biblical and Christian themes that are found in the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. Follow Ralph Wood as he takes us through the theological depths of Tolkien's literary legacy.
10736 Inside Prince Caspian: A Guide to Exploring the Return to Narnia
Devin Brown
Baker Books
ISBN 978-0-8010-6802-7
TH - Theology / THB / Book
The Chronicles of Narnia series has sold over 85 million copies worldwide and introduced people of all ages to the central doctrines of Christianity. Anticipating the May 2008 Walden Media/Walt Disney Pictures release of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, this book guides readers through the second novel of the Chronicles of Narnia series. As he did in the successful Inside Narnia, Devin Brown takes readers through Prince Caspian chapter by chapter, illuminating the features of C. S. Lewis's writing, providing supplemental information on Lewis's life and other books, offering comments and opinions from other Lewis scholars, and uncovering the work's rich meanings. Long-time fans of C. S. Lewis and those who have met him through the movies will want to read Inside Prince Caspian.
10735 Holy Superheroes!: Exploring the Sacred in Comics, Graphic Novels, and Film
Gregg Garrett
Westminister John Knox
ISBN 978-0-664-23191-0
TH - Theology / THG / Book
Spider-Man. Batman. The X-Men. The Fantastic Four. Comic books and the characters they have spawned have become twenty-first-century mythology. Greg Garrett helps us see the profound depth that can be found in the glossy, fast-paced, and often violent world of comics, graphic novels, and the films they inspire. Holy Superheroes! provides extensive discussions of some of our most beloved comic heroes and concludes with an appendix of twenty-five comics and graphic novels for discussion of spirituality and comics.
10733 Short Meditations on the Bible and Peanuts
Robert L. Short
Westminister/John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-25152-8
TH - Theology / THS / Book
Robert L. Short, author of the best-selling The Gospel According to Peanuts, presents a book of biblical meditations on everyday life. Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Snoopy, Woodstock, and friends consider their religious beliefs, and the resulting cartoons offer some delightful insights into life. Short seizes the opportunity to explore these insights one step further, to help us laugh at our own foibles and learn from our own collisions with reality.
10732 The Gospel According to Star Wars: Faith, Hope, and the Force
John C. McDowell
Westminister John Knox
ISBN 0-664-23142-X
TH - Theology / THM / Book
Star Wars is one of the most beloved movie series of all time, and in this book John McDowell explores the many spiritual themes that weave throughout the six films. From the Force to the dark side, the issues discussed in the films have a moral and spiritual complexity that, if paid attention to, can help us better understand our place in the world and our relation to others and to God. George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, did not intend for his films to be mere entertainment, McDowell argues. Rather, he hoped his films would be used as a vehicle for moral education.
10731 I Loved This People
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
John Knox Press
TH - Theology / THB / Book
In this volume are letters, essays, fragments of prose and drama, and a poem, all written during the final years of Bonhoeffer's uncompromising opposition to Nazism. Each selection testifies to his deep concern for his country-men, each echoes the call to the "responsible life" which Bonhoeffer advocated and exemplified.
10730 The Gospel According to Peanuts
Robert L. Short
John Knox Press
TH - Theology / THS / Book
In this unique book, Short makes an expanded comment on these wonderfully imaginative parables of our times. He interprets their prophetic meaning from a Christian perspective and highlights his remarks with selected Peanuts cartoons.
10729 Hope for an Aching Heart
Margaret Nyman
Discovery House Publishers
ISBN 978-1-57293-568-6
SP - Spirituality / SPN / Book
10728 Is Your Child Hyperactive? Inattentive? Impulsive? Distractible?: Helping the ADD/Hyperactive Child
Stephen W. Garber
Villard Books
ISBN 0-679-75945-X
C - Care / CG / Book

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