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10768 John Calvin: Reformer for the 21st Century
William Stacy Johnson
Westminister John Knox Press
ISBN 978-0-664-23408-9
BIO - Biography / BIOJ / Book
Many would argue that a true understanding of contemporary Christian thought is impossible without a basic understanding of Calvin's contributions. William Stacy Johnson, a leading Presbyterian theologian, offers this clear and fundamental study of Calvin's insights as a primer for those with little or no knowledge of his work.

This volume, enhanced with questions for discussion and a handy glossary, is sure to be an invaluable resource for those who seek an accessible way into a deeper understanding of Calvin's impact on the development of Christian faith and on society.
10767 Aquinas for Armchair Theologians
Timothy M. Renick
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 978-0-664-22304-5
BIO - Biography / BIOR / Book
Thomas Aquinas was one of the most influential thinkers in the history of Christianity and in western civilization. But his theological views can seem complex, and presume acquaintance with technical philosophical language.
Now Timothy Renick has produced an attractive and accessible account of Aquinas’s thought and life that will make his views clear to non-specialists. The topics dealt with include God, angels, evil, metaphysics, morality, sex, war, abortion, and politics.
10766 Jonathan Edwards for Armchair Theologians
James P. Byrd
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 978-0-664-23199-6
BIO - Biography / BIOB / Book
This witty and illuminating volume introduces the life and writings of the great American theologian and preacher Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758). The most widely studied figure in American religious history and an iconic figure of the American colonial period, Edwards is well known and highly regarded as a stalwart defender of Calvinist theology and his Puritan heritage. As James P. Byrd deftly reveals, however, Edwards was also a brilliant thinker and passionate pastor who wrestled continuously with the most important issue of his time: the relationship between faith and reason.

Written by experts but designed for the novice, the Armchair series provides accurate, concise, and witty overviews of some of the most profound moments and theologians in Christian history. These books are essential supplements for first-time encounters with primary texts, lucid refreshers for scholars and clergy, and enjoyable reads for the theologically curious.
10765 Money Enough: Everyday Practices for Living Faithfully in the Global Economy
Douglas A. Hicks
ISBN 978-0-7879-9775-5
CL - Christian Living / CLH / Book
Reflections for Christians for dealing with money in a consumer-driven world In this much-needed book Douglas Hicks looks at how Christian faith applies to the practices of economic life-spending, saving, giving especially as an alternative to a life of unbridled consumerism. This book offers reflections for people of faith and anyone who wants to connect their Monday through Saturday lives with their faith and live a more integrated way. It takes a look at how to realistically apply Christian principles in these especially perilous economic times. Explores how Christians can rethink their practices of faith as consumers, investors, and earners Offers reflections on an important Christian concept in a practical, lively, and engaging style Contains ideas for meeting the everyday pressures, questions, and anxieties of economic life as they connect with Christian faith A new volume in the Practices of Faith Series The book is filled with the author's level-headed, thoughtful reflections on Christian practices of getting and spending.
10764 Wealth as Peril and Obligation: The New Testament on Possessions
Sondra Ely Wheeler
William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
ISBN 0-8028-0733-X
BI - Bibles / CLW / Book
Demonstrates that Scripture can both form and inform contemporary thinking on wealth issues. Wheeler provides a careful interpretation of key New Testament texts. The result is a practical, biblical statement on wealth and ownership that can help Christians and Churches come to grip with the economic ethical issues of the day.
10763 Living Faith
Jimmy Carter
Random House
ISBN 0-8129-3034-7
CL - Christian Living / CLC / Book
For almost three decades, President Carter has regularly spent part of each Sunday reading from scripture and sharing his personal faith with neighbors, friends, and visitors at his Baptist church in Plains, Georgia. In Living Faith, he draws on this experience, exploring the values closest to his heart and the personal beliefs that have nurtured and sustained him.
10762 Practicing Our Faith: A Way of Life for a Searching People
Dorothy C. Bass
Jossey-Bass Publishing
ISBN 0-7879-3883-1
CL - Christian Living / CLB / Book
The gap between theory and practice in religion is one of growing consternation for people. Aside from going to church on Sunday, how does a Christian manifest the power of this religion in his or her own life? Instead of just being a Christian, how can one bring the meaningfulness of Christianity into one's life? Dorothy C. Bass and 12 other Christian leaders offer concrete practices such as hospitality, simplicity, and community gathering that serve to enrich our lives and the lives of others while reinforcing faith in God. Although presented from a Christian point of view, the practices themselves are universally applicable.
10761 The Bible in 90 Days: Whole-Church Challenge: Participant's Guide
Ted Cooper, Jr.
ISBN 978-0-310-94184-2
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGC / Book
10760 Zondervan's Compact Bible Dictionary

Zondervan Publishing Company
ISBN 0-310-48981-4
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGZ / Book
10759 Eerdman's Handbook to the History of Christianity
Tim Dowley
Lion Publishing
ISBN 0-8028-3450-7
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGD / Book
The Eerdmans' Handbook to the History of Christianity presents a comprehensive, colorful, reliable account of this exciting story. The eight major sections introduce the history of Christianity, period-by-period, from its earliest days to the late twentieth century. Specially commissioned main chapters by expert historians from the framework within which many shorter sections appear: on people, movements, and subjects of particular interest. Over 450 photographs, many in full color, give the feel of each period. And useful maps, diagrams, and charts help the reader to understand and interpret the story, giving a bird's-eye view of events.

The emphasis of the Handbook is on growth and vitality rather than on institutions, giving a broad understanding of each historical period, and then spotlighting key Christian movements and outstanding personalities of the era.

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787 Matching records: 787

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