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10555 Journey Through The Word: Exploring Biblical Themes
James E. Davidson and Sara Covin Juengst
Westminster John Knox
ISBN 0-664-22616-7
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGD / Book
n Journey through the Word, Jim Davison and Sara Covin Juengst explore great themes that appear again and again across the pages of the Bible. This insightful study for adults is designed to be accessible to those with little knowledge of the Bible, while providing new approaches for understanding to those who have long experienced reading the Scriptures. Special features of this study include the careful coordination of themes with the periods of biblical history, from creation through the early church, and the identification of key words for each theme. Suitable for individuals and for small and large groups, the study concludes with suggested lesson plans for each chapter. The study is further highlighted by lesson plans that include multi-sensory exercises to enhance learning experiences and ideas for using the book so that studies can cover as many as six, eight, or thirteen weeks.
10554 The Book We Call The Bible: A Study Guide for Adults
James E. Davidson
Geneva Press
ISBN 0-664-50186-9
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGD / Book
Neither a traditional study of specific books or sections of the Bible, nor a doctrinal study that concentrates on such issues as revelation and authority, This Book We Call the Bible helps lay people focus on the use of Scripture. By dealing with the Bible as a written work and its impact on our hearts, this study provides an increased sense of what the Bible actually is and how we can derive more benefit from reading and studying the Scriptures. Great for individuals and for small- or large-group settings, This Book We Call the Bible includes questions for reflection and discussion with each chapter.
10553 The Humor of Jesus: Sources of Laughter in the Bible
Earl F. Palmer
Regent College Publishing
ISBN 1-57383-180-8
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGP / Book
Earl Palmer does a great job of uncovering and examining the humor found in the Bible. He also adds humors antidotes from other sources also. The Humor of Jesus also explains and explores different types of humor and sites references in the Bible.
10552 More New Testament Words
William Barclay
Harper & Row
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGB / Book
The author shows how each of 24 key words was used in classical Greek and Hellenistic writings, what it meaning was in everyday language, and how it was taken up and developed by the New Testament writers.
10551 Alzheimer's Disease: Courage for Those Who Care
Martha O. Adams
United Church Press
ISBN 0-8298-1304-7
C - Care / CA / Book
This book is informative and was given to family members to help understand this horrible disease and how it impacts the patient, caregiver and family members plus friends.
10550 Helping People Forgive
David W. Augsburger
Westminister John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-25686-4
C - Care / CA / Book
Using resources from Scripture, theology, and the social sciences, pastoral counselor David Augsburger explores the complicated issues of Christian forgiveness and reconciliation and their real-world applications. Comprehensive in scope and fully illustrated with numerous charts, graphs, case studies, and parables, Helping People Forgive is a unique and essential resource for clergy and pastoral counselors.
10549 Anger: Discovering Your Spiritual Ally
Andrew D. Lester
Westminister John Knox Press
ISBN 0-664-22499-7
C - Care / CL / Book
Is it okay to get angry? Andrew Lester thinks it is, and in this accessibly written book he shows the reader how to understand anger so that it will be helpful, not hurtful, to Christian life. Lester, a popular professor and author, challenges misconceptions about anger that have followed Christians for centuries. By comparing the research of psychologists and sociologists with the teachings of Christianity, Lester uncovers a basic truth: anger occurs when you, or those people or things close to you, are threatened. Lester explores the biblical teachings about anger, focusing on the destructiveness of the dark side of anger as well as the creativity that can result from appropriate anger. Anger must be faced, he says, or it will become destructive. He shows how to face your anger and also how to know when it is time to get help.
10548 Stories from the Edge: A Theology of Grief
Greg Garrett
Westminister John Knox Press
ISBN 978-0-664-23204-7
C - Care / CG / Book
Where is God in the midst of suffering? How do people find strength and comfort in times of terrible adversity? Award-winning writer Greg Garrett addresses these questions and others as he helps readers grapple with the question of where God can be found in times of tragedy. He explores the theological themes of biblical stories and American myths and discusses how these stories have shaped our beliefs about God. He further examines what these foundational narratives reveal about our understanding of God, how they inform how we live our lives, and how we experience God's presence in the midst of grief and suffering. This well-written volume is engaging reading for clergy, chaplains, pastoral counselors, and all who must find the courage and faith to support individuals and families in times of suffering and grief.
10547 The Will of God: Answering the Hard Questions
James C. Howell
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 978-0-664-23290-0
C - Care / CH / Book
How are we to know "the will of God?" In this honest discussion, veteran pastor and theologian James C. Howell considers a number of issues relating to God's will, how it is known, how it is done, and how we respond when bad things happen and we feel God is absent or has turned away from us. In this sensitive presentation, Howell explores these questions and provides ways of recognizing the true things to which we can hold in the midst of hard times.
Howell proceeds simply and practically to consider personal understandings of God, God’s will for our lives, and ways in which God's will is lived. He reflects on what to do and believe when bad things happen, “why they happen, and the quest for God in the midst of it all, recognizing that God’s will is for good. Howell provides pastoral and theological help for the issues we face in life, showing us what we can do and how to “believe even more deeply in God, even as we grieve losses, resist evil, and muster hope.”

Questions for discussion accompany each chapter.
10546 Good Mourning: Getting Through Your Grief
Allan Hugh Cole, Jr.
Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN 978-0-664-23268-9
C - Care / CC / Book
In this brief book Allan Hugh Cole explains the process of grief and what loss can do to us, identifies ways of coping, and reminds us of the hope that we can find in mourning. Ultimately, Cole offers a plan of "good mourning"--a way to work through the loss and rebuild life with new strength. Cole describes what it takes to be engaged in good mourning instead of endless suffering and demonstrates how faith and prayer can be practical tools in rebuilding life after loss.

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