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10585 The Concise Concordance of the New Revised Standard Version
John R. Kohlenberger, III
Oxford University Press
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGK / Book
10584 Illustrated Dictionary of Bible Manners and Customs
Poplar Books
Poplar Books
ISBN 0-89009-563-9
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGP / Book
10583 Reading the Bible Again for the First Time: Taking the Bible Seriously but Not Literally
Marcus J. Borg
Harper San Francisco
ISBN 0-06-060918-4
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGB / Book
One of the vital challenges facing thoughtful people today is how to read the Bible faithfully without abandoning our sense of truth and history. Reading the Bible Again for the First Time provides a much-needed solution to the problem of how to have a fully authentic yet contemporary understanding of the scriptures. Many mistakenly believe there are no choices other than fundamentalism or simply rejecting the Bible as something that can bring meaning to our lives. Answering this modern dilemma, acclaimed author Marcus Borg reveals how it is possible to reconcile the Bible with both a scientific and critical way of thinking and our deepest spiritual needs, leading to a contemporary yet grounded experience of the sacred texts.
This seminal book shows you how to read the Bible as it should be examined -- in an approach the author calls "historical-metaphorical." Borg explores what the Scriptures meant to the ancient communities that produced and lived by them. He then helps us to discover the meaning of these stories, providing the knowledge and perspective to make the wisdom of the Bible an essential part of our modern lives. The author argues that the conventional way of seeing the Bible's origin, authority, and interpretation has become unpersuasive to millions of people in our time, and that we need a fresh way of encountering the Bible that takes the texts seriously but not literally, even as it takes seriously who we have become.
10582 The Apocrypha: An American Translation
Edgar J. Goodspeed
Vintage Books
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGG / Book
10581 The Biblical Period from Abraham to Ezra: An Historical Survey
William Fox Albright
Harper Torchbooks
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGA / Book
10580 Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas
Elaine Pagels
Vintage Books
ISBN 0-375-70316-0
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGP / Book
In Beyond Belief, renowned religion scholar Elaine Pagels continues her groundbreaking examination of the earliest Christian texts, arguing for an ongoing assessment of faith and a questioning of religious orthodoxy.
Spurred on by personal tragedy and new scholarship from an international group of researchers, Pagels returns to her investigation of the “secret” Gospel of Thomas, and breathes new life into writings once thought heretical. As she arrives at an ever-deeper conviction in her own faith, Pagels reveals how faith allows for a diversity of interpretations, and that the “rogue” voices of Christianity encourage and sustain “the recognition of the light within us all.”
10579 Bird Walk Through the Bible
Virginia C. Holmgren
Dover Publications
ISBN 0-486-25566-2
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGH / Book
This book looks at all of the birds of the Bible in a easy-to-read and interesting manner. North American similarities are given and the significance and symbolism of each bird in its Bible usage is discussed. A must for anyone interested in nature and the Bible.
10578 The Bible as History: A Confirmation of the Book of Books
Werner Keller
William Morrow and Company
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGK / Book
10577 The Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians
Robert Eisenman
ISBN 1-85230-785-4
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGE / Book
This exciting work by the author of the 300,000-copy bestseller The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered challenges established views on the origins of Christianity. Professor Eisenman reveals startling information about the first Christians, the Righteous Teacher, the apocalyptic documents of the time, and more.
10576 The Gnostic Gospels
Elaine Pagels
Vintage Books
ISBN 0-697-72453-2
BSG - Bible Study (General) / BSGP / Book
This study draws on the Gnostic Gospels to illuminate the world of the first Christians and to examine the different ways in which both Gnostics and the orthodox constructed God, Christ, and the Church.

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787 Matching records: 787

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